Caramel Custard -An ultimate delight to all.

If you want to make a beautiful and an elegant dessert it has to be Caramel Custard. This is a classic pudding which is a visual treat and offers a wonderful note to end your dinners.

Caramel Custard is probably a truly global dessert. You can find a popular variant in almost all global cuisines. Despite the variations in preparations, they all share similar basic ingredients, presentation techniques, and tastes fantastic making you crave for more.

This classic dessert, ubiquitous in Indian restaurants, is popular in home kitchens too. This recipe explores the home kitchen style of cooking, preferring steaming over baking.

If you want to make a beautiful, elegant dessert without having to worry about spending a lot of time executing it, look no further! Caramel Custard is that ultimate delight!!


  • 500 ml of milk
  • 3 eggs
  • 1 cup of sugar
  • 1/4 teaspoon cinnamon dust (optional)


  • Get the ingredients ready. I used white sugar, regular eggs, and slim milk. Whole milk, as seen in more traditional recipes, will add richness.
  • Let’s start by caramelizing some sugar. In a pan, heat 1/4 cup sugar on medium flame.
  • When the sugar starts to melt, stir slowly to even out the heat.
  • The sugar will soon turn into a thick syrup. Keep stirring till it reaches a nice amber color. Remove from the heat. IMPORTANT: Timing matters in the next step. The caramel syrup will start to set as soon as you remove it from the heat. So plan in advance and work quickly.
  • Pour the caramel evenly into the ramekins. Rotate the ramekins quickly so that the caramel covers the entire base. All this has to happen in a few seconds because the caramel will start solidifying as soon as you take it off from the heat.
  • Whisk the milk and 1/2 cup sugar in a blender. Add the eggs and blend to a smooth mixture. Strain this mixture through a sieve to remove any lumps.
  • Pour this custard into the ramekins. I had 4 ramekins. I had half of my custard mixture remaining after topping up the ramekins. We’ll keep it aside for now, and come back to it later.
  • Place the ramekins in a pan, and slowly pour some water to reach about half the height of the ramekins.
  • Close the lid, and on a medium flame cook for 15 minutes. The water will slowly start boiling, and the heat along with the steam will start cooking the custard. If there is excessive steam building up, open the lid to let it out, and put the lid back. I opened the lid twice in 15 minutes. Switch off the flame after 15 minutes, take out the ramekins, and let them sit for another 10 minutes.
  • Since I had about half the custard kept aside, I caramelized 1/4 cup of sugar and poured it into a small bread pan.
  • Pour the remaining custard mix into the pan. This time, I added some cinnamon powder for an extra taste note. But that’s completely optional.
  • Place a plate on top of the bread pan (or ramekin), and holding the plate and the pan together, turn upside down. Gently lift off the pan. It’ll come out clean along with a lot of juicy caramel. That’s it! Serve and savor immediately.

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